What is Electronic Field Production?

You may not have heard the technical term before, but you’ve undoubtedly seen it on television: electronic field production (EFP) is a television production industry term for video production that occurs in “the field”—a location outside of a formal studio and is instead in a special venue. EFP is most commonly used for pre-award show parties, concerts, news interviews, political conventions, and sporting events. EFP places an emphasis on high-quality production that utilizes a multiple-camera setup, and advanced graphics and sound.

Imagine yourself sitting on your couch on a Sunday afternoon, watching the big football game. You might not realize it, but the work required to bring that game to your television is actually quite complicated. In fact, sports television actually makes up the majority of electronic field productions.

In order for you to be able to watch your favorite team, the electronic field production crew requires an extensive amount of equipment—including a video switcher with an external digital effects unit, which allows the director to have flexibility in calling for certain visual effects during the broadcast. Of course, several tripod-mounted and handheld professional video cameras are necessary, along with their corresponding zoom lenses. Several video recording and playback devices are used to air instant replays. Character generators allow the scores and other statistics you see to be shown on the screen and an audio mixing console along with a variety of microphones allow you to witness critical interviews and commentary.

As you can see, electronic field production requires an extensive amount of costly resources, making it fairly difficult for amateurs to be successful on the field. At NG Production Films, we are experienced in all forms of field production—from live event filming to convention productions. Let our Orlando electronic field production crew help you out with your next live event project—request a consultation today by calling 1-877-203-2895.