What to Do if You Need a Reshoot?

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In an ideal world, every video production shoot would come off without a hitch, resulting in the perfect material for your company or organization. However, this is not always the case, due to the huge number of factors going into every production. Perhaps your script is not as strong as you thought, your actors had an off day, or the lighting and location were not quite right. If you need a reshoot for whatever reason, there are certain things you should do to produce a successful Orlando video production the second time around.


Try to Predict Problems on Set


Before the day of filming arrives, you should gauge how you feel going into the shoot. Did your team revise and strengthen the script enough? Are your actors or interviewees well prepared and know what to expect? Did you allow enough time for shot set-ups and transitions, or are you afraid that things might run overtime? Considering potential problems ahead of time can help you determine whether you should postpone the shoot or let others know that they need to step it up before any filming can take place.


Communicate with Your Production Team


If the shoot has already taken place and you are not happy with the result, talk to your camera crew as soon as possible. Perhaps the clip does not reach your target audience, or you want to keep some of the material but take the commercial in a different direction. Your crew wants you to be happy with the result, so do not be afraid to speak up.


Alternatively, perhaps you are unconvinced with the quality of the audio or lighting and need to hire an Orlando video production team that is a little more experienced and knowledgeable. If you were working with a less-than-stellar crew before, consider switching to professionals. However, no matter what the issue is, stay in close contact with your production team and company colleagues throughout the process.


Discuss Your New Budget


Video productions are an investment, so the idea of reshooting can be daunting. Carefully examine the clip from the first shoot to determine what works and what doesn’t work. If possible, try to salvage some of the material to save time and money during the reshoot. Ask about any alternate material that was left on the cutting-room floor, such as extra takes and b-roll footage. With careful planning, it could be used in your new production. While keeping this footage in mind, discuss your budget considerations and outline a new budget and timeline for the reshoot.


Revise the Script and Other Materials


After you have determined what did not work the first time around, take steps to improve upon or replace it. This could involve any number of things, including revising the entire script, replacing actors, switching to a different location, changing props, or adjusting the overall mood and tone of the production.


Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, likes to work closely with businesses and organizations to avoid the need for a reshoot. If your most recent production didn’t work out, give us a call and see how we can help. We are leaders in the area, with top-quality equipment, and over fifteen years of filmmaking experience. For more information or a free consultation, contact us online or call us at (877) 203-2895.