After posting a video, the creator will likely monitor the engagement closely. While likes, comments, and shares all matter, there’s one a single metric that every video marketer craves – views.

With about 85% of internet users watching videos online, there are plenty of people out there looking for quality content. There’s also plenty of competition, so it’s important to know how to stand out.

What Do Viewers Look for in Videos?

Video production projects can be professionally made and polished, but they still need these five qualities to bring in views.

1.    Honesty

Clickbait is a marketing technique that entices the audience with a prospect but fails to deliver. With about a third of headlines falling into this category, it’s an easy mistake to make. However, honest videos are more likely to make users feel satisfied – which makes them more likely to share.

2.    Consistency

Once a video marketer has established themselves as honest, they should work to maintain that persona. A video marketer that earns the audience’s trust is more likely to get subscribers and follows, which can bring in more views for future content. It’s especially important for sales content as two-thirds of adults say trust influences them when making a purchase.

3.    Harmony

As a visual and auditory content type, videos must have synchronization between what viewers see and hear. Try using captions and title cards to highlight important points, as well as diagrams and charts to show key statistics. This engaging approach can help videos grow their audience quicker.

4.    Humor

Even if the video is serious in tone, there’s nothing wrong with mixing in a little humor. It can be something as simple as a joke, or even a cartoonish illustration about what’s being discussed. When a viewer has their day brightened by a video, they’re likely to look for more.

5.    Direction

After finishing a video, a person may still want more interaction with the brand. This is why every video needs a call-to-action. It could direct a viewer to a product page, a social profile, or even better, other videos to further drive up the total view count for a series.

Find the Right Orlando Video Production Solution

Views are the core metric video marketers must focus on. By working to integrate the right qualities into a video, it’s easier to keep people watching.

No matter the video’s style, length, or purpose, it will always look better if it’s created with the help of a skilled Orlando video production company. Professionals can put any video marketer on track to better content.

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