The beauty of video production is in its ability to go beyond salesy and promotional content.

Quality content connects with the audience. It makes them see beyond the dynamic of customer and business, and makes them feel connected with the brand.  

Sometimes this means giving them a glimpse into something they wouldn’t normally see, or sharing insights that make them feel more attached to the brand – another quality modern customers seek.

Here are three creative ways to improve audience engagement and make a special connection using video production.

The Making Of – Show a Product’s Assembly and Journey

Customers connect with companies for one primary reason. But just because the topic is products doesn’t mean the video always has to be a promo.

Showing how products are made isn’t just a unique way to gain attention, it’s engaging.

Customers may be curious about the machines, processes, and overall workflow that leads to the creation of their favorite purchases.

This video marketing ideas is a classic example of combining purpose with strategy. The video’s purpose can be to give viewers a glimpse into the backroom, making them feel more involved – but it can also show off the company’s quality assurance, safety, and efficiency protocols firsthand.

Audience Q and A – Provide Direct Answers to Common Inquiries

There’s only so much information a company can fit on their “About Me” page or their social profiles.

This leaves plenty of curious topics in play, and can lead to many recurring questions that don’t always get answered. Add in seasonal questions about when a certain product is coming back or when the next sale is, and there’s plenty of questions to answer – making video production the perfect solution.

This takes the standard FAQ page to a whole new level, providing customers with a way to hear the answers directly which creates a more personal connection.

Narrators can mix in images and footage for illustration purposes, or simply to mix up the video and keep it engaging. Companies can survey for questions on social media or email, and make new videos when enough questions arise.

Share Announcements About the Company and Staff

Especially during times of crisis, when many are trapped at home, the human element of business becomes more valuable.

People often remember the people associated with local or favorite stores as much as they remember the branding, merchandise, and overall experience.

Short videos can be used to celebrate the onboarding or promotion of a team member. They can also be used to honor the service of a team member who is retiring. Even personal accomplishments that are uplifting and relatable are fair game.

Products and sales trends may change, but the connections individuals have with others can truly make a brand feel special.

Create a More Genuine Connection with Orlando Video Production

Many times customers will leap at the opportunity to learn more about a company, its processes, and its people.

Video production remains the most engaging marketing medium out there, and working with a skilled Orlando video production company can help anyone give audiences a valuable glimpse behind the curtain – and create a connection that could last a lifetime.

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