It’s never too early to envision where a company will be next year.

The new year is approaching fast, and more companies are using video production than ever before. What precedes a video project? A plan. But what precedes a plan? A vision.

Video marketers and business owners can make the decision now. What will their videos be in 2021? More specifically, how will they employ video marketing to meet strategic goals?

There are plenty of ways videos can fit into almost any company’s overall business strategy. Here are some ways to use video production in the coming year.

Viral Video: Designed to Pop Interest and Gain High Traffic

The viral video is an attention grabber. It has flash, but with substance. It can be outlandish or even controversial in its goal to get a viewer’s attention.

“What automotive dealerships DON’T want you to know!”

“This stat about the average American’s finances will shock you!”

Videos like this, as long as they deliver, escape the classification of clickbait and can produce the necessary buzz to get the content some traction. They’re effective for both new and existing companies, and can even function well as a first video.

Even simple topics, so long as they provide value, can be used to produce content that racks up views and sends steady traffic.

Sales Video: Created to Showcase Products and Services

The sales video isn’t about products or services. It’s about the needs people have, and how those products or services can meet them.

The sales video can take the form of a guided product showcase, a brief glimpse through the showroom, or even a special deal that’ll make the viewer glad they stuck around until the end.

With an up-close view of what they’d be buying, viewers are more likely to turn to leads, which makes it easy for video marketers to classify the sales video as an ROI magnet.

Unlike the viral video, this one is concerned less about getting the highest view count and more about the percentage of conversion rates.

Brand Video: Recorded to Give Viewers a Peek into the Company

The brand video is about rolling back the curtain and letting viewers feel more connected with the business. In this day and age, that can work wonders for a company’s long-term future.

Beyond just knowing a business is there, or even having a reason to buy from it, customers want something more in 2021 and beyond – they want to feel connected with a company.

Brand image is critical for continued customer loyalty. A company with a strong brand doesn’t need to work as hard to bring in new traffic or new leads. 

These videos can detail the company’s history, interview the team, show off community projects, share customer reviews, and much more.

Make Any Video Production Vision a Reality with an Expert’s Help

Any video marketer can improve their videos in 2021 and beyond with the help of a skilled Orlando video production company.

Generate traffic, find high-potential leads, and build a strong brand image through high-quality video content. The vision starts here.

Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, can communicate effectively and efficiently to produce high-quality video production. We have over a decade of experience to produce the next video production project for your organization. Call NG Production Films today for a free no-obligation consultation at 407-233-3236 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply