Every video marketer knows a good portion of their audience is on social media – but the competition knows this as well.

With about half the world’s population using social media and spending over two hours a day there on average, it’s an advertising goldmine.

Since so many talented advertisers compete for attention, sometimes it takes something extra to cut through the mass of marketing media – like paid social media advertising.

Often called sponsored or promoted posts, these posts are guaranteed to get some traction on feeds of target audience members.

When a company is investing money to make sure their ads are seen, it’s important to make sure those ads are effective. Here’s how Orlando video production can be the difference-maker.

Short, Simple, and Effective – The Ingredients for Paid Ad Success

It’s easy to assume that for an ad that’s paid, it’s important to jam-pack it full of content.

However, sometimes less is more. Minimalism can be highly effective for making ads go further and for building awareness. It’s like telling a story that gets straight to the point with no filler. It cuts through the countless wordy posts on every feed – and it even helps posts load faster.

Short videos offer many possibilities – sometimes a single question or lone statistic over an animated background is enough to get the viewer’s attention and make them curious to click through.

Videos have a reputation for being very engaging media types. However, they can retain this quality with brevity. Professionally made videos can send a powerful message that can grab attention – and they don’t need to hold that attention for long.

Simpler videos highlight the CTA, which is critical for paid ads. Whether the goal is to boost newsletter signups, page follows, or product sales, simple videos act as a means to encourage click-throughs rather than to make a long presentation.

Balancing Personalization and Consistency with Paid Video Campaigns

Anytime there’s a need to invest extra resources into a marketing campaign, anyone on board will want to know how that investment will be recovered.

Every platform’s best practices differ, but some ideas work no matter where the ad is being posted. Creating custom audiences based on age, location, and other factors make it easier for the ad to reach people it could help.

Another benefit of campaigns like this is they provide brands the ability to build up a name quickly. With many short videos created in the same campaign, it’s easy to form a brand image and amass a following.

Another benefit of making multiple short, focused videos is that several elements can be reused in different videos and on different platforms. It saves time and money for any marketing campaign.

Take Paid Ad Campaigns Further with Orlando Video Production Pros

Paid ads on social media will likely get more views than standard posts – this means quality should be a top priority.

No matter the length of the ad, the level of complexity it has, or the goal of it, it’s always helpful to have an Orlando video production company assisting with the task.Our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films, can communicate effectively and efficiently to produce high-quality video production. We have over a decade of experience to produce the next video production project for your organization. Call NG Production Films today for a free no-obligation consultation at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.