Storyboards are an essential tool when creating videos. Why? Because they allow you to make the best use of time and resources. Storyboards are simple and easy to understand, and they help you visualize your video before you start filming. They’re also a great way to organize your video without having to spend hours editing. Finally, they allow you to get your point across quickly and concisely to your team so that you can get to the fun part – filming!

However, before diving into the benefits of storyboards for video production, it’s essential to understand the basics.

What Exactly is a Storyboard?

Essentially, a storyboard is a series of drawings or images that show the sequence of scenes in your video. They’re a great visual way of explaining your idea to your video producer, and they help you visualize the flow of your video before you start filming.

Are There Different Types of Storyboards?

Yes, there are several types of storyboards. However, they are typically split amongst two categories in terms of the video production process: traditional and digital.

Traditional Storyboards

A traditional storyboard is a storyboard made manually by a storyboard artist. In other words, you hand-draw every scene in the video yourself. This is the most time-consuming type of storyboard, as it requires a lot of time and effort. Not only that, but the storyboard artist must also consider any special effects or transitions that might be used in the video.   

Digital Storyboards

On the other hand, a digital storyboard is a storyboard that is created using a drawing program. As opposed to traditional storyboards, digital storyboards are created much quicker. Digital storyboards are a lot more straightforward, as you can quickly add effects and transitions to them.

Why are Storyboards Essential in Video Production?

Many people believe that a storyboard really isn’t that important to video production unless you are creating an illustrated or animated video.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The benefits of storyboards are countless, no matter what type of video you are producing. They’re essential to the pre-production process because they give you and your team direction in a way that a simple script cannot, and they bring your video concept to life long before you begin the actual filming process.

5 Benefits of Storyboards for Your Video Production

Storyboards are the foundation of every video production. Still need convincing? Then consider these five benefits of using storyboards as part of your video production process:

1. Allows You to Visualize Each Scene of Your Production

There is no better way to visualize your video than through the use of a storyboard. Sure, while a well-written script can help your mind visualize what’s going on, that imagery will be very different depending on who is reading it.

With a storyboard, you can ensure that every image and every scene in your video is consistent with the storyline and has a clear purpose. This also makes it easier to spot any potential issues with the video, such as a scene that doesn’t flow as smoothly as intended.

2. Saves You Time by Outlining Each Scene as it Plays Out

Creating a storyboard based on a script is an excellent way to help your production team save time in the long run because it allows them to visualize each scene as it plays out. This makes it easier for them to make adjustments before they begin filming.

Moreover, when you’re working with a budget that can be tight, every second counts. With storyboards, you know exactly what you’re working with. By keeping your production team and your budget in mind, you’re ensuring that you’re making the most efficient use of your time and resources.

3. Can Help Keep on Budget

When it comes to video production, budgets are always a concern. The use of a storyboard can help you stay on budget by helping you visualize exactly what you are working with and how you will use your resources. You can eliminate excess items that you don’t need with a storyboard. You can also ensure that you are using the correct equipment for the scenes you are filming.

4. Aligns Your Team

A storyboard ensures that everyone in your production team is on the same page. When the production team understands the direction of the video, they can work more efficiently, which means that you can get more work done in less time.

There is less confusion and miscommunication when everyone is on the same page about the video. Everyone must understand how they are supposed to contribute to the video to put their best foot forward.  

5. Encourages Early Buy-Ins from Key Stakeholders

The benefits of storyboards don’t end with the production team. A storyboard allows you to align the key stakeholders in your video production process, encouraging them to buy-in from the beginning. This helps build their confidence in your vision and build their commitment to the project, ultimately leading to more successful video production.

The first people to buy into your video production vision tend to be your biggest supporters, so make sure that you’re capturing their attention and enlisting their support early in the process. You never know which of those people might end up being the most important to your overall success.  

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