Everything in life is about stages – and anyone who has ever worked on an Orlando video production project knows this for a fact.

Many steps go into crafting the perfect video project. When it comes to making sure tasks are done efficiently, there’s arguably no better way than to take it in parts with a clear focus on each step of the process.

Some studies have even shown focusing on more specific tasks is a way to succeed with larger projects. Here’s a breakdown of the three major parts of video production, and how to approach each one.

Pre-Production: Polishing Your Project First

Many people look at the task of “polishing” a video as something that’s done at the end. However, it helps to start strong with a refined idea and strategy.

The pre-production phase involves laying out a clear, specific idea along with goals it should accomplish. To break this part down into three sub-parts of its own, consider these three points:

  • Purpose: What will the video do? Will it inform the audience, or promote a product or service?
  • Goals: How much traffic, how many leads, and how much revenue is the video aiming to generate?
  • Strategy: how long will the video take, how much will it cost, and who is responsible for it?

This phase is more about planning, drafting, and ideas – however, that doesn’t mean video marketers shouldn’t be just as specific about this aspect of the video production process as they are with any of the others.

Recording: Making the Video Come to Life

This is where the video transitions out of the idea phase and into something of substance. While pre-production could see storyboards, scripts, and other helpful tools created, this part is about actually getting the camera rolling.

Important questions like where the recording will take place and who will do it should be answered by this point. In many cases, outsourcing to a professional Orlando video production company is better for those not experienced with recording.

Rentals may need to be scheduled for the location and the equipment. As a tip, anyone who is considering renting equipment should also hire a professional to use said equipment – while gear makes the difference, the approach to recording does too.

Editing: Finalizing an Orlando Video Production Project

The question of what are the three stages of video production wouldn’t be complete without mentioning editing.

This is the phase where all the hard work is pulled together, everything is cleaned up, and the finished product is prepared. For this step, it’s especially helpful to let a professional help with the process.

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