Video is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous tool for corporate marketing. However, you might be wondering what goes into corporate video production. You’d be surprised how much goes into the process. It’s not an easy task and requires a good amount of talent and a lot of time and resources. But all of this effort can be recouped with the right corporate video production.

What is Corporate Video Production?

For many businesses, video is a powerful tool to build trust and establish credibility with customers and prospects.

Many businesses use video to make sales pitches, educate the public about their products, or promote events. For all these reasons, corporate video production is an essential part of the marketing mix for many businesses.

The top companies in the world spend millions of dollars a year on video production to reach customers, including Google, Nike, Red Bull, and Adidas.

5 Steps that Go into Quality Video Production

With so many brands investing in in-house production to save money, the idea of corporate video production can seem a bit daunting. However, many things go into video production that many corporations tend to overlook. That’s why it’s more lucrative to invest in professional corporate video production instead of risking leaving something out of the process.

So, what exactly goes into the process of corporate video production? Here’s a quick glimpse into the five primary steps:

1. Strategy Building

Strategy is the process of defining a goal and the many tactics that will be employed to achieve it. This is a vital part of corporate video production because it determines the type of corporate videos needed, the length, and the subject matter. It also helps to determine the time frame in which the footage will be produced.

The production team can effectively use the time and resources to create a polished corporate video within the allotted time with a clear strategy.

When working on strategy building, your production team will focus on:

  • Building your video content marketing strategy
  • Defining the goals of your video content
  • Outlining your brand guidelines to ensure your corporate videos are consistent with your brand mission/vision

When trying to do in-house corporate video production, the strategy can easily be overlooked, or too much emphasis be placed on the business end of it, and less on the creative end.

Without a strategy, corporate video production can be a waste of time, money, and resources.

2. Pre-Production

Pre-production is often combined with the strategy-building step, especially when trying to do in-house video production. However, when you’re working with a professional corporate video production agency, these two steps are separated – and for a good reason.

Pre-production involves a deeper level of planning and often includes:

  • Setting the budget
  • Timelines
  • Story/script creation
  • Sourcing talent/locations
  • Sourcing the necessary equipment

Many corporations jump right to this stage when doing in-house video production. This is a huge mistake because pre-production is where the team can easily get bogged down creating the video and forget about the many other things they need to do. With the help of a professional video production team, nothing will get overlooked.

3. Production

This is where the magic of corporate video production begins to come to life. Production is the process of getting everything set up, shooting both A-roll and B-roll footage, and doing any still photography or voiceover work that may be needed for the final product.

While this is the most time-consuming step, it’s also the most rewarding. The goal here is to create media that is visually stunning and well-produced.

If you’re doing in-house video production, you may not have the available resources to create all the necessary media to create the polished final piece you are aiming for.

With a professional corporate video production team, you can take advantage of the many resources available to make your corporate videos look their best.

4. Post-Production

While the production stage is where the creativity happens, it’s in the post-production stage where the real magic happens.

Post-production encompasses many different steps that need to be done after the footage is captured. These steps include:

  • Audio and video editing
  • Adding titles and credits
  • Last-minute color correction
  • Last-minute sound design

This is where the video is taken from a raw product to a polished and professional one. It can be a very lengthy and time-consuming process, which is why investing in a professional corporate video production company can be well worth your while.

5. Distribution

The final step in the corporate video production process is the optimization and distribution of the final product!

In this stage, optimization refers to quality, performance, and video optimization to ensure it’s ready for the widest possible audience.

Here, the company will make sure the video is optimized for various platforms, including:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile devices

This also includes optimizing the video for search engines, including YouTube and Google. This can be done by adding keywords, tags, descriptions, and other metadata to the video. This is the stage where the video becomes searchable and accessible by the intended audience, allowing you to distribute it where you need it.

Corporate Video Production in Orlando with NG Production Films

While in-house video production is the quickest and cheapest way to get your corporate video in front of your audience, it’s also the riskiest.

With the help of a professional corporate video production company, you can take advantage of the many resources available to make your corporate videos look their best. You can also be sure that everything will be done to the highest standards.

Let NG Productions prove it to you! With the help of an experienced team of professionals, we can help you create corporate videos that will keep your audience engaged and help you build your brand and drive your business.

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