Video production has become a crucial part of today’s marketing strategy. Studies show that of those marketers already using video in their strategy, 93% say that it’s an integral part of their strategy, with 87% stating that it gives them a positive ROI. Unfortunately, creating a high-quality video isn’t easy, and it can be costly. That said, here’s a quick how-to guide with five video production tips you won’t want to forget.

5 Video Production Tips for the Perfect Final Cut

Creating the perfect video is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that can be overcome. With the right video production process, you can create a final product you can be proud of. Here are five video production tips you won’t want to ignore:

1. Use the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a simple way to create a clean, neat, and visually appealing video. It’s commonly used in still photography, but can be applied to video as well.

The idea is to divide a frame into thirds horizontally and vertically. This separates the shot into nine equal parts, creating a 3×3 grid. Essentially, the grid breaks down a shot into the nine key places where your eyes are automatically drawn to look for essential pieces of information. For a movie, this can be characters, while in a product announcement it could be the primary product.

Using the grid, you can make a seamless transition from one element to another. This will help your video flow smoothly.

For example, in a whiteboard video, you can focus on a key point of interest written on the top left side of the board, and then move to the following point relevant to the conversation, which should be located in the middle third of the shot. The final third of the shot should then be the presenter off to the right side. This helps to break down the image visually into three equally important parts:

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • The person speaking to your audience

This approach is not only easy on the eyes, but it automatically directs your audience’s attention where you need it to be.

2. Lighting Matters

Once you have your camera in position, it’s time to move to the next step: lighting.

Lighting will make or break your video. Too little light will render your subject in shadow, and too much light will likely result in a washed-out or blown-out image.

Therefore, it’s essential to test different lighting options for the best image. This will depend heavily on what you’re filming and where, as it’s crucial that you carefully balance out your natural and artificial lighting. If your lighting is too bright, you may want to remove filters to eliminate glare on the lens. If your subject is facing the sun, a diffuser or reflector will illuminate the subject better. Don’t be afraid to test different lighting options to get the best image.

To test lighting options, you have to be mindful of the surroundings, or you can easily cause uneven lighting. For example, if you’re filming in a bathroom or a kitchen, you may want to test different bulbs to see which produces the best look. Some lights may be bright enough to illuminate the subject naturally but have a harsh white light. This is easily solved by placing a neutral density filter above the light.

However, if you’re filming in an outdoor environment, you’ll want to place your light kit in a more centralized position. This is so you can balance out the natural sunlight with your artificial light.

3. Get Your Best Content In the First 8 Seconds

Your video needs to hook your audience immediately, or else you risk them moving on to something else. The average person’s attention span is only about eight seconds, so it’s crucial to get to the point quickly. This means your best content needs to go first.

Ideally, you want to include graphics, stills, and voiceover that will help set the tone for the video and get the viewer’s attention. Focus on the most critical parts of your message first, so that you can leave a lasting impression.

4. Align the Video’s Content With the Emotional Response You Want

When creating your video, it’s vital that you keep your end goal in mind. What is the action that you want your viewers to take after they’ve watched your video? You need to structure the content of your video around this action – and during the post-production phase, you need align your content with the emotional response you want to get from your audience. It’s this response that will trigger viewers to complete the desired action.

A good example is a sales video. After a prospect watches the video, you want them to have a strong emotional response to click through and inquire about or order the product. Therefore, it’s essential to include relevant transitions and visuals that elicit the necessary emotions to get your audience to act, such as a happy client using your product or a video clip of your product in use.

5. Target the Right Platform

Targeting the right platforms for your video will help increase your views and engagement.

For example, you can include a video on your homepage for a website and funnel your viewers to click through to watch that video. On mobile, including a video is a great way to increase user engagement, as it’s often easier to view a video on a phone than it is to read a full-length article. 

To increase the likelihood of getting views and engagement, you will want to target platforms that are most likely to be used by your audience. Take the time to look into where your audience is spending their time online, and focus your attention on promoting your new video where it will be the most effective.

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