Be grateful – it’s a universal message that connects everyone.

Now is the season of giving thanks and reaping the fall harvest. For video marketers, concentrating on gratitude can open up a world of inspiration.

Simply putting the focus on gratitude makes for a holiday-neutral message that transcends seasons. It creates a warm feeling that has even been known to treat anxiety and grief.

This offers many possibilities for Orlando video production projects.

3 Ways to Use Gratitude in Video Production

Here are some creative ways to create engaging video productions based on a value everyone can relate to.

1. Give Thanks to Customers through Words and Actions

Every company should be grateful for their customers, and videos are the perfect way to show it.

A simple thank-you video is always appreciated. It’s also especially appropriate at points when the company has hit a new sales goal, launched a successful expansion, or opened a new facility.

But beyond just saying thanks in a video, companies can use videos to promote loyalty and rewards programs that give back to customers.

Video production may also be effective at increasing sign-ups for these programs. For the organization looking to leverage loyalty as a long-term competitive advantage, showing gratitude is the first step.

2. Show Appreciation for Employees or Entire Teams

Most professionals seek some form of validation beyond a paycheck. Outside pay and perks, people want to know their hard work is recognized. Better yet, they like knowing they’re appreciated.

Monthly rewards can promote a sense of belonging and morale, improving company culture and even boosting employee output.

Recognition isn’t dependent on a single performance metric or project completion. Simply honoring a worker for their length with the company and overall track record is a fine gesture.

For those worried that their efforts could create jealousy, it’s perfectly acceptable to honor the whole team at once. A compelling video can show off one employee, multiple employees, or an entire staff.

Mention their combined tenure, accomplishments, and how valuable they are to the company. Showing off the team can also be effective at growing it by attracting new hires.

3. Tell the Community How Much They Mean to the Organization

A business can’t succeed without a supportive community.

Showing gratitude for the local area helps build brand awareness and trust

A video marketer may create a presentation thanking the area, city, or even an entire region for supporting the company. Besides functioning as a local marketing tool, these videos can help the company promote its values.

Video productions can be used to market events or causes, like donations, cleanups, and other charitable efforts. This is because there’s no better way to show appreciation for a community than by enriching it.

An Orlando Video Production Expert is Ready to Help

Gratitude is something everyone can relate to. For video marketers who just don’t have the time to create their next project solo, they’re likely grateful for some help.

Calling on an Orlando video production company can make any Orlando video production project more successful, whether it’s honoring team members, customers, or entire communities.

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