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Why Stop-Start Recording Sessions Are the Enemy

“Hello out there – today I’d like to tell you all ho- or, abo- Ack! Cut, redo, redo…” For many people, trying to record a video is a tense task. It’s a video-version of the Hawthorne Effect. People act differently when they’re being watched. Many people can rattle off the perks of their product and the benefits of their brand…

orlando video production

Using Animation in Video Production: 4 Perks

Animation has become an integral component within the advertising and film industry. Whether you’re in health care, product advertising, or architecture, there’s no doubt about it: 3D and 2D technology has developed into a tool that is highly utilized in a diversity of fields. It’s not hard to see why. Animation can make any concept a reality, integrating technology and…

orlando video production

How to Make a Video Production Like Tim Burton: Part 2

There’s no doubt that Burton has a knack for creating outstanding camera angles, pairing unusual props with interesting set designs, and seamlessly blending nostalgia with modernity. However, the director is additionally known for incorporating two other classic techniques in his video production: 1) using his actors as alternative identities of his own creativity and 2) mastering the art of location.…

orlando video production

3 Ways to Improve Voice Inflection in Video Production

Actors are the heart of any video production. They are not only in charge of presenting an image through their appearance in order to make the video visually pleasing to your audience; they are the ones who communicate the message and themes you desire to convey through their body language and—most importantly—voice inflections. Improve an Actor’s Inflection: 3 Techniques The…

orlando video production

What Makes a Director “Good”: Two Golden Traits

When you look at the history of master filmmakers, as well as the notable names in our own time, there seems to be no stringent formula for what makes a good director. Some are wacky and experimental; some prefer straightforward plot lines and shots; some are dark; others are goofy and zany. Like most questions concerning artistic value, “good” films…