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Whether you are shooting commercials, music videos, or corporate promotional videos, it is crucial to make your video production aesthetic as well as informational. Videos are meant to immerse viewers in a land of visual delight; incorporating things like color themes and music can communicate the proper atmosphere and message that you want to get across.

Remember, the most informative video in the world is not going to grab attention if it is not accompanied by the right visual background or style. When it comes to producing crisp and eye-catching videos that leave an impression, here are 3 background tips that can increase the aesthetic appeal of your set and make your Orlando video production more appealing.

  1. Consider Color

Color is one of the most important elements to consider when it comes to producing a pleasing backdrop for your video. The right color schemes tie your whole production together. In a single moment, it sends a message to the viewer, summing up the overall impression you want to convey by communicating:

  • Atmosphere
  • Emotion
  • Theme

For example, the dusky, seductive hues of a perfume commercial (think gray, cream, or black) are different than the bright, bouncy tones of a commercial for a child’s toy (think blue, red, or yellow). The former is meant to create an aura of mystery; the latter an atmosphere of life and vibrancy. Also, think about the color wheel for ideas. Do you want to shock or soothe your audience? Do you want your background to clash with the outfits of the actors or compliment them? The possibilities are endless, and using color is one of the most effective ways to make an impression in a quick and memorable way.

  1. Consider Acoustics

Did you ever wonder why so many commercials have jingles attached to them? When people hear sounds that fit with what they’re watching, they’re more likely to remember the product advertised or the message that is being conveyed. Sounds simulate reality; the right sounds make a decent video phenomenal, while bad sound effects detract from a video’s success.

However, video acoustics go beyond selecting catchy music; voiceovers can have just as much effect. A speaker’s inflections are crucial in setting an appropriate mood and getting your audience to pay attention, whether they are watching a music video, sitting through a company’s information video, or viewing a commercial about laundry detergent.

  1. Consider Location and Lighting

Finally, think about where you are actually going to film your video, and what settings will match your vision. Keep these questions in mind:

  • What mood do you want to create for your video?
  • Do you want the location to contrast with the colors and sounds, or complement them?
  • How will you arrange your Orlando video production camera crews in a way that makes the actors look the way you want them to look?
  • Are you filming outside or indoors?
  • Will you rely on natural or artificial light? How will you arrange your lighting equipment?

Also, think carefully about what props you want to use (if any), as they can assist with the overall visual harmony of your video as well.

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