What to Look for in a Video Production Company

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So, it's time for you to find a video production company.  Maybe you're looking for a great team to capture the moments that will matter for the rest of your life. You could even be searching for experts that can make a music video that rocks as…

Video Production at a 5k experience...

RED EPIC coming soon? NG Production Films of Orlando is excited of this new launch in product.

Is HD video becoming obsolete already?

Is HD video really becoming obsolete already? The answer to that is ready to be found. We give a detailed explanation of the differences quality of video from HD to 4k.

Video Production Services

Video Production Services and what does it consists of. NG Production Films of Orlando shares their input and meaning of Video Production Services.

Religious Broadcasting in Orlando, FL

NG Production Films of Orlando originally started productions for religious broadcasting.  Our first client in 2004, Pastor Rico Sharp (SOTWM) of Lake Mary, FL approached us to create in-house DVD’s of his sermons.  After a few years past,…

Video Production Services in Orlando

NG Production Films of Orlando offers quick and affordable video production services in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and other states around the country. We work with our clients from beginning to end. Just like our slogan says we…

Orlando Video Production Company | NG Production Films of Orlando Launches Site

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Orlando video production company NG Production Films recently launched their new site.  NG Production Films of Orlando, FL believed that lauching the site will become more user friendly to current and new clients.  While searching online with…